Canund Nation The Future Of Our People Book


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Canund Nation The Future Of Our People 

The Year is 2029 

With Jack Wall

The accounts of Jack Wall, and his experience being part of Canund Nation. 


By Scott Bacheldor, Founder of Canund Nation

Edited by, Ruth VanDuiven

Artwork by Will Boon

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This book was 90% written between 2016 and 2018 and finished in 2020. was not edited till 2023 as we did not have the professional

 to do this. This book is based in the future with one young man named Jack Wall. He learned to overcome a lot to end up proving himself in a possible futuristic version of Canund Nation. This is a fictional tale so not real. 

The story you are about to read is the fictional account of Jack Wall, a troubled, yet self-determined young man of mixed heritage, trying to find his path. The story is inspired by a collection of real anecdotes, both tragic and hopeful, from the Indigenous and non-Indigenous impoverished communities in the northern Canadian Prairies, as observed by the author, Scott Bacheldor. It is a futuristic story of what Scott hopes to promise troubled youth and young adults with the Canund Nation. 

For far too long, the Canadian Government has either persecuted, or merely paid lip-service to troubled youth, AFN and non-AFN, with broken promises, false hopes, and outright lies about ‘progress’ and ‘understanding’. The average Canadian who watches the mainstream news or reads only the mainstream history books, truly does not, and cannot understand the egregious situation in our so-called ‘Strong and Free’ nation we call home here in Canada. 

As of the time of this forward, Feb 2021, Indigenous men are sharply overrepresented in Canadian prisons. Also, many times, Indigenous women are dealing with addictions. Canadian men and women, with only

superficial understanding of the issues, cannot even possibly imagine. The Story of ‘Jack Wall’ is intended to shed some light upon these issues and repair these shortfalls of understanding. 

Scott Bacheldor hopes to help correct for both this inexcusable ignorance, and offer a genuine, honorable solution to this ignorant and overt betrayal of human rights, and the sloppiness and misconduct in application of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Indian Act. Scott believes we MUST move forward with both education and practical solutions as soon as possible, and this book we hope will provide much needed insights to the plight of impoverished youth of all backgrounds within Canada.


Chapter 1: Hello, I am Jack Wall 


Hi, my name is Jack Wall. I just turned 19. I’m heading up north to join the Canund Nation. It’s kind of a mouth full, hey, but yeah, I was one of the ones that were selected to join, as there are too many people wanting to join, but not enough room. 

I’m told that once I build a house, close to the fall, my mom and sister can come up with me. I hated leaving them behind. It’s hard not to think about them, but with everything across Canada going crazy right now, I will do this to bring my family to a peaceful place, as all this world knows is war. 

They are safe, and in what they call a 

pre-community, which helps train people for when they go up north. There is one near a lot of big cities across Canada. 

We were there for a year before I got selected to go. They needed the best and the strongest to help build as many homes as they can. They have over 5 million people across the territories. 

Today I got to ride on the train that will take me there. There are so many people here, it’s not even

funny. I hope I can find a seat by the window to look out at the view. I’m told it’s quite breathtaking. 

As the train pulled up, I said goodbye to my mom and sister. Mom said “Make us proud, do your part, and don’t worry about us. I will take good care of your sister, May. I love you son. I will see you there in the fall.” 

As I turned to get on this red train, my sister came over to me and gave me a big hug. She said “Please don’t go. I’ll miss you so much.” 

I told her “It’s ok, I have to do this so you, me and Mom can have a future somewhere safe. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, my little May bug.” 

“This is Last Call for everyone who is going to get on the train!” yelled a man wearing a red and yellow uniform, and carrying a ticket puncher. So I ran and gave him my ticket. 

He said “Son, you’re one lucky young man to be on this train and moving forward, when so many could not come because we have the lack of room to take people to the north. Find your seat please.” 

“Thank you, I will.” I replied. 

As I walked through the train cars, I saw so many people from so many cultures, it wasn’t even funny. They were nice cars with wooden floors, and people had drawn and carved things all over the walls. It was really nice to see this, as we were living in a 3-d printed

home with concrete floors back in the pre-community outside of Edmonton, Alberta. 

I grew up there, and then my dad got killed by the government, along with a whole crowd of people that were protesting, which they did not want. 

My Mom grabbed us and fled to the pre-community. This was only a year ago. I still miss him. I wish he would have let me come along, but he told me to stay and protect my Mom and sister. 

This I have done, but I would have preferred to have brought them with me. It’s a nasty world out there, and if it weren’t for the security, we would have lost our community six months ago. 

As I walked through to the back of the train cars, after five or six of them, I found a seat right next to a very large Indigenous guy.


Chapter 2: The Talk 


I shrugged my shoulders, went over and said “Hi, how is your day going?” He looked down, towering over me. I am a tall man, 6 feet, and this man was leaning over me with a crazy grin on his face. I thought I was in big trouble and got scared. Out of nowhere, he started laughing, but hadn’t said one word yet. As I looked up, he put out his hand and said “Thanks for asking. My day is going well.” 

I let out a deep breath, began to relax, and started to laugh. He looked at me funny, and asked “Why are you laughing?” 

“You had me so scared for a minute there, I didn’t know what to think.” I replied. 

He grinned at me and said “How else do you think I get the ability to lay down? No one wants to sit with me, as I’m a very large man, and being Indigenous sometimes makes people nervous as well. My name is John”, he said, “John Turner. What is your name?” 

“I’m Jack Wall, Sir. Nice to meet you.” 

“It is a shame about what has happened to Canada and the USA,” he said. 

“Yes, only a year ago, my dad got killed, as he

was in a crowd that was protesting against the government. They were all gunned down, including my dad.” 

“I’m sorry to hear that, Jack.” John said to me “I have lost a lot also, as they cut the funding from all the tribes, and left a lot of our people to starve to death as well. Most tribes that were left joined the communities, as it’s a much better future for our people and everyone else.” 

“Scott showed us a new way. Lots of times, he came to the reserves with buses full of food for our people. Then one day, he asked, ‘why not join us, since the government has abandoned you like everyone else’. Each tribe joined, one after another, and the last one joined us 2 years ago. This is the first time in history that all the people in Canada are united as one, and not treated differently because of class or color.” 

“We have over 5 million people in the north, across the territories of Canada. After two years, all of the Northwest Territories joined the Canund Nation. The territory government was lacking funding to help the people. Then a year later, Yukon joined and then Nunavut as well. They declared independence after 4 years and became their own country. As the government of Canada kept getting in the way of everything, they even tried to start stealing our children like they have in the past, but our security got wind of it, and stopped them

before they could leave with our kids.” 

“Scott inspired all the councils to form one, and we became our own country. Each community would have one person represent them at the Grand Council. This became quite chaotic for a bit, as there were too many, so we broke the council’s down to regions rather than the state or territory, and set it up so we had one person from each region. So now we have twelve people to sit on the Grand Council.” 

“This high council was more for diplomatic purposes, to help keep everyone working together, and it has worked quite well for over a year now. With over one thousand communities, we do quite well, and look out for one another.” John was telling me. 

“Wow, thanks John. There is a lot they teach you, but some of that was new.” 

“Well, we probably have over 1000 people on this train. Jack, it will be a long trip, so you might want to get some sleep.” said John. 

“Ok thanks. I’ll rest my head for a bit.” ‘What a nice guy’, I thought, as I laid my head down.


Chapter 3: The Pig 


John started shaking me. “Get up.” he said, “We are here. Man, you can sleep a long time, almost 12 hours. Don’t rush, as there are a lot of people, and you’ll be in line for some time… so take it easy, and we will get off in about 20 minutes, after the line has shortened up.” 

Too late. I had already packed everything up and started to head out, but before I did, I said “Thanks” and shook John’s hand. “I hope I see you again” 

“You will, don’t worry,” he replied. 

I never asked him what his job was. He seems to have been here before. I couldn’t wait. I was so excited To get off the train. There was still a little snow on the 

ground, and the beauty of this place was amazing. The mountains were in the distance. I’ve never seen them before. We were too poor to travel growing up. And John was right. There were lots of people. 

I went and looked for my bags, as they had been put on the train, and I wanted to get them, so I had my books and clothing. It must have taken me over an hour to find them, as I had to get through the crowds and check a lot of bags. 

Finally, I got up to the office for intake. They asked if I had a cell phone. I did, so the lady asked to see it, put a new sim card in it, and wrote down my number.

(1-959-593-6786) The lady told me that the communities are all linked so we can phone one another, but just not outside any community yet, as they are working on that part. 

Then she looked at my bags. She said “We have to check your bags and make sure there are no drugs or guns. This is just standard.” Then she leaned over and said “Sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. It’s Sue Patterson. It is my job to do intake and assign you to a community that is being built. I know about your mom and sister. I’m sorry they could not be with you right now, but we have limited homes here. But we have houses down south for them, and they will be safe there. As soon as your team finishes all the home building, we can get you set up and bring families up north, freeing up more room in the beginning communities. So, what experience do you have with building?” 

I told her just a little, as we did that down south. She then asked me what I wanted to do. 

  1. cooking 
  2. construction 
  3. tree harvesting 
  4. planting and livestock 

“I think I’ll try tree harvesting.” 

“Ok great” she said ”We will send you up to the community 509, also known as Lynn. It was named after

the first person to find the sight to set up on.” 

Man, I was thinking how loud and crowded her office was, with barely any room to move around. As I thanked her, she told me “There is a bus that will take you as far as it can, then it’s by horseback or walking the rest of the way, until we get a road in there. Your bus is one hundred and five. Make sure you don’t miss it. It leaves tomorrow at 9 a.m. Be there at 8, so you’re not late. They won’t wait, as they have a schedule to keep. We have bunks and tents set up, so tonight yours is two hundred and fifty three. Good luck, and have fun” 

I grabbed my bags and said “Thanks”, and headed out. It took me forever to find my tent and when I put my stuff in, I asked the other guys if I could get some food. One said that if I look on the map, I could find the Community Centre quickly. I left my stuff there and headed out. 

There were brick roads, with brick sidewalks, in every different color. As I was passing the pig pen, I noticed one had gotten out. A man yelled out loud “Help! Stop that pig!” The pig looked scary. It was huge and had tusks. It screamed at me, so I waited until he was right beside me, passed by me, and kept on going. The man asked “Why did you not try to catch him?” 

I told him “This thing scared the crap out of me.” “Ha, ha, ha” the man laughed his head off. “This

one is quite harmless. He’s more of a pet, and kept for breeding. Here, grab this rope and help me corner him and get it around his neck.” 

He handed me a bucket of grain to carry. I lured the pig in close, as he was very hungry. When he came up, I dropped the bucket and I went around him quietly. I saw the rope and I got a hold of it. The pig noticed so he started running. I was told by the man to ‘sit down as he will take you for a ride.’ 

Too late. Suddenly, I was off my feet and being dragged by the pig, my hand tangled in the rope. After a minute, I turned myself around and dug my boots into the ground. Man, it was all I could do to hang on, but it worked. The pig stopped and I laid down. The pig came over and started to sniff my legs while the man came up and grabbed the line. He said to follow him, and thanked me for helping him. We got the pig in the pen again. He asked me if I was ok. I told I was just a little shaken up, had a sore knee, but that I would be fine. 

“I’m Roger, by the way, Roger Larsen” he said, as I shook his hand and introduced myself. “You’ve got a real talent for this. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” 

“No, I haven’t, ” I replied. 

“Hmm, well most people would not have done so well. You should think about joining livestock and

farming.” he told me. 

“Yaw, that might be something down the road.” 

Roger asked where I was going. “I was going for food. I’m starving. The train didn’t have much, as I was almost the last one on.” 

“Ok, let me take you there.” he told me. “Ok’ I replied as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the ground, where I had been taking a break. 

He asked, “Did you sit at the back of the train?” “Yes, I did” 

“Did you meet a guy by the name of John?” 

“Yes, I did meet him. He is a great guy and seems to know a lot.” 

“You have no idea who he is, but he is one of the main guys who helped start the communities. He was the one who got most of the tribes to join us.” Roger explained. 

“Yes, he told me that, but he didn’t tell me he had helped in that way. Just that he had lost lots of family members and that most tribes joined.” 

“Well, he is well known for sitting at the back, as that’s his space when he rides the train. Well, we are here, let me see if there is any food left over for the day. They usually cook a lot more when we have

people coming through to move north.” Roger said. 

We opened the door and went into the building, and on the right, there was lots of food. The smell of it made me so hungry, it wasn’t even funny. My stomach dropped. I had no idea what I was smelling, just that it was food and it smelled so good. We went up to the counter. Roger told them what I had done, and that I was a very brave and smart young man. He asked them to give me double the food, as I helped him save the pig. He got everyone going ‘hip, hip hooray’ for me, as I was handed a massive plate of mashed potatoes, carrots (which I hadn”t seen in years), as well as two large slices of ham, that were covered in gravy that was dripping the sides. 

I started to cry. The lady at the serving counter looked at me and asked what was wrong. 

“I have never seen this much food on one plate before. This would have lasted us 3 days back when I was growing up.” I was so happy, and yet sad that my family didn’t have this. With tears in my eyes I told the lady “Thank you very much. This looks so, so, so, good.” 

She shook her head and said, “Boy don’t worry. This is just the beginning of a new life for you.” As I thanked her again, she came over and gave me a big hug. “You look like you have been through hell. I know what it’s like down there. You just needed a hug.” 

“Thanks” I replied, with a smile on my face.

Roger got his food, and as we sat down, she joined us. We had two seats available next to her, and everywhere else was very crowded. I asked Roger if everyone was so nice here, 

“Yes, for the most part. You get some people who can be assholes some days. However, that just comes with the territory, but generally, we no longer have to fight for survival. As individuals, we all work as teams. So even though we have our own homes and what not, we don’t have to worry about bills and food, as it’s all taken care of.” he explained. 

“That sounds great.” I shoveled as much food as I could into me. I saved the ham and put it in a bag so I could eat it later. She had given me way too much food, but it was so, so, good. I said goodbye to Roger and the lady who got me food and thanked her for it again. 

“No problem.” she said. “If you come in early enough, around 7, you can get breakfast. There will be eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes, if you want them.” 

“Thanks, I’ll definitely be here,” I told her. 

I went back to my bunk. After I made sure no one was looking, I put the food in my bag. I didn’t figure anyone would take it, but you never know. 

The alarm and the horns started at 6 am to wake everyone up. I jumped up and panicked, thinking there was something wrong, and the other guys started to

laugh. They told me it was just the morning wake up call. I got dressed, grabbed my bags, and headed out. There wasn’t a lineup at the community center yet. It was early though, so I went over to get in line, and the same lady who served me last evening asked me to take a seat, as nothing would be ready for about 30 minutes. About 10 minutes later, she brought out my plate with everything on it… bacon, sausage, pancakes, and scrambled eggs, all covered in syrup. 

Again, I didn’t know what to think. I had so much food again it wasn’t even funny, so I took a bit of the bacon and sausage and put it in a bag for later. Then I scarfed the food down. Man, it was so good. I couldn’t wait for my family to come up and try this. I wondered what they were up to. 

I thanked the lady. She asked me where I was going, so I reached into my bag and got the paper, and told her it was community five hundred and nine. She told me her name was Samantha and said “I’ll come see you some time, as you’re now known as the pig wrangler, and the hero of the day.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. She was probably the same age as me. 

“Ok thanks, I hope you do come.” I replied. 

Damn, now I’ve got a girl who likes me. This is so cool. 

She yelled at me to wait, “I’ll give you my number

so you can call me sometime.” Samantha slipped her number in my pocket, gave me another kiss, and told me to have fun. 

I arrived at my bus early but I wasn’t the first one there. I went to the back and laid my head down. I knew it was a four hour ride, then a two day hike into the community site. All I could think about though, was Samantha and her kissing me again. I said to myself “I sure hope Mom and sis like her if we get together.”


Chapter 4: The Long Journey Home 


Finally, everyone was on the bus. There was no room to spare, as everything we could take was packed. They tried not to waste space, so even the middle lane on the bus was full. It made things difficult when someone had to get up and go to the washroom. 

I got a nice window seat. We headed up the highway, all the buses followed. There were probably close to a hundred or more, it’s hard to say. With all the buses being 100% green energy, I thought that it was cool that the communities, including the buses, ran off methane and thorium batteries. 

I was really looking forward to getting to the site to start building my own home. 

The guy sitting next to me was named James. He told me he was my age, and was quite eager to get up there also. We talked for hours, and then arrived at the site drop off location. 

I could see they had started a road in, but it hadn’t gotten very far. A lot of trees were marked with tags. 

Well, we had 20 buses that stopped, and all were unloading people. Horses were there to help carry the

supplies in. I sure hoped they were not like the damn pig that almost took me for a long ride. 

We loaded up the horses. They had carts behind them to pull our stuff. This way we didn’t have to carry it all. One cart carried just water, and the water truck was just filling it up. That would be nice to have fresh water heading up there, as it’s a two day hike, I was told. 

The air horns started blaring, to let people know that we can start walking, and the horses walked with us. Anyone who was having health problems was riding on the carts to make it easier for them to get there. 

I started talking to this older guy whose name was Steve. He told me his job is to set up the network, so we can call for supplies or help, if we need it at the site. This guy looked to be in his 70’s and a very tall man, but he did very well with the walking. 

He told me he was from the United States, and that the founder, Scott, had brought him in from the beginning. He went on to tell me that he kept being told by the head guys that he didn’t need to work and do this anymore. “However, if I don’t, who else will?” he asked. 

He seemed to love making fun of people, as they were having a hard time walking after 6 hours. “Man, I can do this in my sleep. I love this type of work. I could use a strong young man like you to help with my work. If you’re interested when we get there, it will only take two


“I’ll think about it,” I told him. “I would have to have my career counselor approve of it, I believe.” 

“Yes, you can also pick your own career. I’ll talk to him. How good are you at climbing trees? ” he asked me. 

“I’m ok at it.” 

“I need someone who can climb up trees, take the tops off, and hook up the equipment.” 

Finally, after 8 hours we got to the halfway point. We all started setting up camp. The cooks started to get food on. I had already eaten my ham and bacon, so I was getting hungry. We had two hunters along, and they had gone out and got deer and elk. There were so many of them around here. We definitely wouldn’t starve. It took them 2 hours to cook up the meat. Man, that was the best BBQ I have ever had. I had ribs from the elk and deer, which I had not had since I was a small boy. The meat was a little tough, but I wasn’t going to argue at all. It tasted good to me. 

I shared a tent with Steve, and man, it was hard to sleep. For an old guy, he could sure snore loudly. I went and found a pair of earplugs, put them in my ears, and fell asleep. 

The next morning, the horn sounded at 6 am and everyone started to get up slowly. Most were in lots of pain. We were told that we made it more than half way

yesterday, and probably only had two to three hours left to go. 

I looked at Steve and he said “We are not far away. We could have a race if you want? The loser is to serve the food to the winner and wash the plates.” 

I replied I was up for the race. As we started, Steve told the guy in charge what we were doing, and more got involved. Now we had thirty guys wanting to race with me. I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy that loses. They let Steve have a five minute head start due to his age. Man, did that guy ever take off. As the guy yelled out a one, two, three… GO, we all took off running. For the most part, I stayed at a steady pace, as I knew if I went too fast, I would burn out and lose the race. As most got ahead of me, after an hour, I caught up with them, as they gasped for air and endured other health problems. 

We soon caught up with Steve, and he looked at me and smiled. He told me that I was smart to run that way, and that we are going to win together. Well, I kept on going ahead of him and I was in the lead. I soon saw the valley we were going to, after all the hills we had gone through. I finally made it past the fifty-five mile marker and won the race. Steve came in second, and over thirty minutes later, others started showing up. It had taken almost two hours for everyone to catch up to us. The guy who sat next to me came in last, so after taking a nice long break, we started to set up camp. Some food was

already being prepared by then. 

It looked like they had people here who had brought in supplies beforehand.


Chapter  5:  The Community 

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